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As a little kid I remember running around barefoot, making mud pies and climbing loquat trees. I remember losing my loose tooth on the side of the road – being absolutely livid! Only to continue my walk home and find a shiny $2 coin peeking right back at me through the blades of grass! I remember being scared of the wooden spoon, licking ice-blocks on the beach and dry retching at the idea of g-strings. I remember stuffing my backpack with the essential toys and running away from home into the backyard bush – merely to be coerced home with the threat of the wooden spoon on my backside. And I remember mixed bags of lollies. Possibly the most exciting white little paper bag of mystery goodness ever invented! Since then life hasn’t changed much. I’m forever opening, stumbling and peeking into with mysterious white little paper bags, metaphorical speaking. Never knowing – but always hoping for that solo pineapple lump or bonus gob-stopper!

This is me, Shani. A 28 year old New Zealand lass. The UK has been my home for the past five years. But I am ready for change. A new journey is on the horizon. A well overdue dose of backpack time and family time...

You will find an amalgamation of things on here. I love taking photos. Baking is a slight obsession of mine, I learn through burning things mostly. I love making things and I love old things. I am also loving using this blog as a creative outlet, it seems to help me along my journey of finding who I want to be in this world. Post by post perhaps I will figure it out. And hopefully you may learn or be inspired by a thing or two.

Shani x